A Computing Degree that Connects the Future!

Computing and Software Development

The degree programme provides solid training in programming and software development, and supplemented by subjects in various application areas. The focus in on the practical aspects rather than theoretical.

Computer Science

In this programme, students can also learn about the latest trend in computer science, including AI and e-commerce, and other areas in the frontier of computing.

User-Centric Software Design

The programme provides supplementary knowledge of graphic design and human-computer interaction. Students will learn to develop software that are user-friendly and attractive.

Career Prospect and Recognition

Hong Hong is experiencing a shortage of IT talents. Our graduates are qualified to  work in a large number of jobs in software development, graphic design and the creative industries. 

Our programme is recognized by the Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), and has received QF Level 5 accreditation by HKCAAVQ. *

SSSDP and Tuition Fee Subsidy

This programme has been selected by the Education Bureau of HKSAR Government to join the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions (SSSDP). Details about tuition fees reduction can be found  here.

* HKCAAVQ Programme  Qualifications Register (QR) Information 香港學術及職業資歷評審局課程名冊(QR)資料 : 
BA-AHCC: QR Registration No. 18/000836/L5.  Registration Validity Period 08/11/2018 To 31/08/2023
BSc-AC: QR Registration No. 21/000430/L5.  Registration Validity Period 01/09/2021 To 31/08/2026
QF Level:  5