This is a four-year programme and there will be two semesters of 15 weeks per year. Students will be required to complete at least 41 modules (126 credits) over the four years. Each module consists of 3 credits, except the Senior Project which consists of 6 credits. The Programme Structure comprises three components: (1) Major Studies in Applied and Human-Centred Computing; (2) Common Core Curriculum; and (3) Business Education. The breakdown is shown in the following table:

Study AreaNo. of Core Modules (Credits)No. of Elective Modules (Credits)Total No. of Modules (Credits)Percentage (%)
1. Applied and Human-Centred Computing
17 (54)6 (18)23 (72)57%
2. Common Core Curriculum
(i) General Education1 (3)6 (18)7 (21)17%
(ii) Languages
3 (9)3 (9)7%
3 (9)3 (9)7%
(iii) Quantitative Methods & IT Skills1 (3)1 (3)2%
3. Business Education
2 (6)2 (6)5%
Free Electives
2 (6)2 (6)5%
Total27 (84)14 (42)41 (126)100%

The Major Cores intend to provide comprehensive knowledge in software application development and foundation for designing software applications. Students are expected to complete 17 core modules in 3 areas, including 9 (53%) modules in Computing, 3 (18%) modules in Human-Centred Design, and 5 (29%) modules related to Society and Technologies.

The Major Electives intend to provide in-depth knowledge on top of the Major Core. Students are expected to complete any 6 modules in this area.

The Common Core Curriculum is designed to enhance students’ generic skills and broaden their horizons in local and global affairs through languages, general education, quantitative methods and information technology modules. Students are required to undertake 12 core modules and 2 elective modules on Common Core Curriculum. For General Education, students are required to take 1 GE Foundational module and 6 GE elective modules.

The Business Education modules intend to provide fundamental knowledge about business and management. Students are required to complete 2 modules in this area.

Students are also required to undertake 2 free electives in Year 3-4. Academic departments reserve the right to make the final decision in offering the modules.

2.2 BA-AHCC Recommended Study Plan

Note: New senior-year entry (year-3) students should refer to their individual study plan documents.

Study AreaYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Common Core Curriculum (14 modules) (42 Credits)Chinese LanguageCHN1000 Freshman ChineseCHN2001 Putonghua for Business

CHN1002 Chinese Literature Appreciation
English LanguageENG1010 English for Effective Communication

ENG2010 English for Academic Purposes
ENG2020 English for Business Communication
General EducationGEN1000 Perspectives on General EducationGE Cluster 1

GE Cluster 2
GE Cluster 3

GE Cluster 4
GE Elective x2
Quantitative Methods and IT SkillsAMS1001 Introduction to Linear Algebra and Calculus
Business Education (2 modules) (6 credits)Marketing and ManagementMGT1001 Introduction to BusinessMGT1002 Principles of Management
Applied and Human Centred Computing (23 modules) (72 credits)ComputingCOM1101
Programming Methodology

COM1102 Programming and Data Structures

COM1103 Computer System
COM2101 Computer Network

COM2102 Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms

COM2103 Database Design and Management
COM3101 Software Engineering

COM3102 Computing Technologies in Web Applications
COM4101 Senior Project
COM2201 Graphic and Digital DesignCOM3201 Human-Computer InteractionCOM4201 User Expreience Designs
Society and TechnologiesCOM1301 Psychology and LifeCHN2008 Introduction to Chinese CultureCOM3301 Professionalism and Ethics in Computing

COM3302 Digital Humanities and Chinese Computing
COM4301 Internet Culture
Major ElectivesMajor Elective 1
Major Elective 2
Major Elective 3
Major Elective 4
Major Elective 5
Major Elective 6
Free Elective
(2 modules)
(6 credits)
Free Elective 1Free Elective 2
41 modules1011119

2.3 List of Major Electives

Module CodeModule Title
COM3103Artificial Intelligence
COM3104Mobile Computing
COM3105E-commerce Application Development
COM3106Frontiers in Computing
COM2003Introduction to Financial Computing
COM3107 Machine Learning Techniques and Applications
COM3108Student Internship
COM3202Computer Animation for Interactive Content
COM3307Cognition in Everyday Life
COM3304Sensation and Perception
MSIM3104Project Management
BJC3214Multimedia Design for Organization