List of Modules offered by the Department of Computing

 A: AHCC Major Core Subject      AE: AHCC Major Elective Subject
 GE: General Education Subject (Cluster)
 M: Minor in Computing Subject (Basic Module)    ME: Minor in Computing Subject (Elective Module)

  • COM1000 Contemporary Information Technologies
  • COM1001 Database System Applications
  • COM1002 Cyber Technology and Society GE(3)
  • COM1003 What Makes a Computer a Computer GE(3)
  • COM1005 Excel VBA Programming
  • COM1006 Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications GE(3)
  • COM1008 An Overview of Cloud Computing GE(3)
  • COM1009 Computer Ethics GE(4)
  • COM1101 Programming Methodology A M
  • COM1102 Programming and Data Structures A M
  • COM1103 Computer System A
  • COM1301 Psychology and Life  A GE(2) 
  • COM2001 Information Systems in Business
  • COM2002 E-Commerce
  • COM2003 Introduction to Financial Computing
  • COM2004 Introduction to Information Technology
  • COM2005 Introduction to Computer Programming
  • COM2006 Database Management Systems
  • COM2007 Database Management System and Data Warehousing
  • COM2101 Computer Network A
  • COM2102 Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms A
  • COM2103 Database Design and Management A M
  • COM2201 Graphic and Digital Design A
  • COM3101 Software Engineering ME
  • COM3103 Artificial Intelligence AE ME
  • COM3102 Computing Technologies in Web Applications A ME
  • COM3104 Digital Games and Mobile Computing AE ME
  • COM3105 E-commerce Application Development AE ME
  • COM3106 Frontiers in Computing AE ME
  • COM3201 Human-Computer Interaction A ME
  • COM3202 Computer Animation for Interactive Content AE
  • COM3301 Professionalism and Ethics in Computing A
  • COM3302 Digital Humanities in Chinese Culture A
  • COM3304 Sensation and Perception AE
  • COM3307 Cognition in Everyday Life AE GE(2)
  • COM4101 Senior Project A
  • COM4201 User Experience Designs A ME
  • COM4301 Internet Culture A ME
Last update: May 2020