Nanoinsure Technology (Hong Kong) Limited 的創辦人兼首席商務官(CCO)何明亮先生,也於4月6日與同學分享資訊科技如何改變已有200年歷史的保險業。何明亮先生為學生們解釋了資訊科技業在保險業的切入點 ,以及金融科技及保險業之間互相依賴的關係。 Nanoinsure Technology (Hong Kong)Limited 於2019年由何明亮先生在香港成立,並在兩年之間成為一間業務遍佈九個國家的跨國公司。何明亮先生對商業營運、保險業以及科技業的融會貫通,對同學們有所啟發 ,令同學將來不論就業或創業都有所獲益。

Mr. Terrence HO, Chief Commercial Officer of Nanoinsure Technology (Hong Kong) Limited, also shared with our undergraduates about how information technology has changed the 200-year-old insurance industry on 6th April. Mr. HO explained to the students about the relationship between the information technology industry and the insurance industry. Nanoinsure Technology (Hong Kong) Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2019 by Mr. HO. It became a multinational company covering nine countries in two years. Mr. HO’s knowledge of business operation, insurance industry and technology industry has inspired the students. The students benefited a lot in both the aspects in employment or entrepreneurship.