HSUHK Programming Contest 2019, co-organized by IT Learning Centre and Department of Computing, was successfully held on 28 May 2019. There were 8 challenging programming questions.

Participants were required to solve as many problems as possible in 4 hours. Mr. LO Douglas Hoi Fung (BBA-FA4) solved 6 out of the 8 questions and won the champion. Below is the result of the contest (names are listed in alphabetical order):

Gold medal:

CHEUNG Cheuk Kiu, LO Douglas Hoi Fung [Champion], LUI Chun Kit


Silver medal:

NG Yi Kwan, TAI Shing Pong


Bronze medal:

KWAN Tze Kei


Congratulations to the winners! The 6 winners will form 2 teams and represent HSUHK to join the coming 29th Annual ACM-HK Programming Contest on 22 Jun 2019, competing with elite programmers in all other universities in Hong Kong.

Contestants were working hard in solving the problems


Left: Prof CK Poon, Head of Department of Computing Center: Mr. LO Douglas Hoi Fung, the champion of the contest Right: Dr. Chris Ma, Director of IT Learning Centre