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Word of Our Graduates

Kevin Brown, Graduate 2021   吳健銘 – 2021年畢業生
IT Solutions Product  Executive

 The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong has given me the opportunity to explore my interests and turn them into a career. The courses that I have taken were very relevant to my work requirements. I appreciate  that this university has an excellent learning environment to sustain my academic life. I am grateful for the friendships that I have made between my schoolmates and professors. Their encouragement has enchanted me to compete in UNESCO and STEM competitions. This university has given me a wonderful academic experience I would never have thought possible.


Athena Ng, Graduate 2021   吳苡筠 – 2021年畢業生
Quantitative Developer 

I chose to study Computing at HSUHK due to the high demand of IT talents and my interests in coding. My four years of study helped me to discover different areas within technology, from graphical and database design, to software and website development, which helped me to strengthen all my technical skills. All the projects and tutorial exercises gave me chances to gain practical experiences. The most amazing part of our programme is the endless support from our professors and lecturers. They always encourage us to ask them questions, no matter if it is about academic, career or personal growth. They gave me valuable suggestions when I was struggling about my future. Technology is obviously the trend in the future, while all the knowledge and words from my professors are the treasures I gained here. Thank you for everything.


Connie Chan, Graduate 2020   陳詠恩 – 2020年畢業生
UX  / UI   Designer

I am very thankful to this place which has provided me with a joyful learning experience. I had a lots of opportunities to develop my talents. The valuable chances to visit banks and companies have helped me to get familiar with the current market. Last summer, I joined a cultural exchange programme and completed my internship.  Albert Einstein once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school”. I believe what we earned from this place is far more than what we forgot.

Vito Tai, Graduate 2020   戴丞邦 – 2020年畢業生
Research   Personnel

I am glad to study in the computing programme in HSUHK. This pioneering programme was launched in 2016. Here, the professors provided me with a lot of guidance and opportunities to participate in internships and competitions. I am grateful for the support I got from the university. I enjoyed learning at HSUHK. My studies here have been transformed into my experiences and better equipped me.


*Ordered by year of graduation (descending) and by surname